The Live and Sleep mattress

Is the Live and Sleep Classic right for you?

Now that we’ve taken a deep dive into the Live and Sleep Classic mattress, it’s time for the most important question: Would the

Classic be a good fit for you? I think the Live and Sleep Classic would be a good choice if you:

    Are Looking for a No Frills Mattress – The Live and Sleep Classic is a straightforward memory foam mattress and would be a good fit if your needs aren’t too specific.
    Don’t Need the Mattress for 10 Years – This would be great for those looking for an affordable mattress needed for only a few

years. Maybe that’s for a student heading off to college or for someone moving to a new city that isn’t setting down roots just yet.  Sleep on Your Back or Stomach – Because of the quick transition from the memory foam to the polyfoam base layer this mattress

has a firmer feel which is better for back and stomach sleepers. Firm mattresses do a good job of keeping your back in line when in either of these positions.

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